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6 STEPS to turn your yard into a Sanctuary for Birds

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Since its beginning in 1984, the Wild Bird Feeding Industry has evolved to meet the needs of our membership, the industry, and the consumers who feed backyard birds.

The Wild Bird Feeding Industry is the trade association for the wild bird and backyard wildlife feeding industry. Our members include the packagers and processors of the seeds, suets, and nectars consumed by wild birds and backyard wildlife, the manufacturers of bird feeders and backyard accessories, as well as wild bird specialty stores, other retailers, packaging manufacturers and transportation companies.

Together, we work to provide you, the consumer, with the products you need to continue to enjoy one of the fastest growing hobbies. Birdfeeding!

Toward that end, the WBFI Research Foundation was recently founded, and soon began the implementation of PROJECT WILDBIRD, a three year, one million dollar study into the feeding preferences of wild birds. This program will provide scientific results as to the preferences of feed and feeders by species, by season, and by region. For more information, visit our website at

The most recent addition to the WBFI activities is the WBFI Quality Standards Program launched in July 2006. This program assures consumers that products displaying the Quality Standards logo meet or exceed industry standards. Look for this logo when purchasing products, and feed in confidence!

We know you enjoy feeding your backyard friends, and we hope the information on this website will assist you in your favorite pastime. The WBFI members encourage you to visit our industry partners websites for additional information and additional programs.

WBFI: Experts in the business of feeding wild birds. Visit our website at