Backyard Bird Care
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6 STEPS to turn your yard into a Sanctuary for Birds

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The information contained here is designed to assist birding enthusiasts in their efforts to attract a variety of birds to their property, as well as to serve as a guide to providing a healthy environment. WBFI and its member companies hope you find this information helpful in creating your own wild bird sanctuary, and wish you many years of happy viewing!

You can help change the world and make it a better place for birds. The most important step you can take is to get started! Following the six steps presented here is a great start. Be sure to learn more about birds and how you can help by getting involved with the organizations listed below, and with others committed to conserving bird and wildlife habitats.

Representatives from Cleveland MetroParks, Aurora University, and Muhlenberg College, as well as the following organizations contributed to the development of this brochure.

American Bird Conservancy -
American Birding Association -
Bird Conservation Alliance -
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology -
Massachusetts Audubon Society -
National Audubon Society -
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation -
National Wildlife Federation -
The Wildlife Society -
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service -
The Wild Bird Feeding Industry and its member companies -

International Migratory Bird Day celebrates the incredible journeys of migratory birds between their breeding grounds in North America and their wintering grounds in Mexico, Central, and South America. Learn more by visiting and

The Wild Bird Feeding Industry (WBFI) sponsored development of this literature and maintenence of this website. WBFI is an association dedicated to the progressive expansion of the wild bird feeding industry.

The WBFI and its member companies would like to thank the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for the generous support of the 6 Steps campaign, which includes the development of this website.